Open Call "ETC. PP"

Art festival Begehungen

17.08. – 27.08.2023

Lichtenstein/Sa., Germany

"Those who collect the past ..." - or so George Orwell began - "..., occupy the future with their sovereignty of interpretation. And in the present he needs a whole lot of palaces."

Which things are worth preserving beyond obsolescence?

Whose bones should be mummified for collective memory?

What about the rest of the things you don't want to be associated with anymore - or the ones that really should be returned?

Was it an expression of our appreciation of the extravagant holiday when we stole the hotel towels; those nostalgic souvenirs? Or was it brutal robbery?

History wants to be dissected again and again, former findings compared with current ones.

Only those who can locate the predetermined breaking points in the many thousands of X-rays can guess their mental footprints.

Open Call

The 20th edition of the art festival Begehungen takes place in an empty museum, the Palais in Lichtenstein/Saxony, last used under the title "Daetz-Centrum".

Showcases, object descriptions, bases, lighting and monitors - everything is still in its place. What is missing are the exhibits.

Under the title "etc. pp", an exhibition is to be created in these rooms in which the phenomenon of collecting or the different uses of the building over the past 180 years can serve as the starting point for an artistic exploration.

We are looking for artists of all genres and forms of expression who would like to address this annual theme via the open call. Participation is possible both in the form of a residency and with submitted works. When applying for a residency of up to four weeks, a coherent concept must be submitted that describes both the work being created and how it will be implemented.

We are aiming for an exhibition with 20 to 25 works.

History Palais Lichtenstein/Sa.

The building was constructed in 1843 as an official building for the neighboring palace of the Princes of Schönburg. Until 1889 it served as a courthouse and prison, later as a widow's palace, prisoner of war camp, refugee accommodation and tenement. With the decision to house an international exhibition of wood art in the building, it was renovated in 1998 and expanded with a new building.

The exhibition opened in 2001 under the name Daetz-Centrum, named after the founder of the collection, Peter Daetz. The wood art exhibition had to close in 2018, and the foundation and its collection left the building in 2022.


The festival has been taking place at different locations in Chemnitz every year since 2003. An extensive festival program consisting of lectures, readings and concerts is also an essential part of the festival. The Begehungen art festival sees itself as an inclusive and barrier-free festival. Admission to all program items and the exhibition is free. The festival is organized by Begehungen e.V.

The Begehungen art festival is an official part of the program for the European Capital of Culture 2025 Chemnitz. In a process leading up to the Capital of Culture year, the festival will take place between 2022 and 2024 in the cultural region around Chemnitz.

Application conditions

After the end of the application phase on April 23, 2023, the received applications will be evaluated by an expert jury. The result of the jury vote will be announced at the end of May 2023.

Honorarium and materials as artist in residence

The honorarium for a four-week residency for artists and groups is 2500 euros. 

Up to 700 euros for material costs are available per artist or group. Travel costs to and from the residency are reimbursed and accommodation is provided free of charge. A shorter residency period is possible and will be reimbursed on a pro rata basis.

4 weeks - 2500 euros honorarium - up to 700 euros for material resources

3 weeks - 1850 euros honorarium - up to 500 euros for material resources

2 weeks - 1250 euros honorarium - up to 350 euros for material resources

1 weeks - 625 euros honorarium - up to 200 euros for material resources

Compensation for already existing work (submission)

Participation in the exhibition with an existing work will be reimbursed with an expense allowance of 300 euros. Costs for shipping to and from the event are borne by the organizer.

Application basis for residencies and submissions:

  • das vollständig ausgefüllte Online-Formular
  • a short portfolio of previous work (digital)
  • a short vita

the following also applies to residences:

  • a short project outline for the work that will take place in Lichtenstein/Sa. is to be created and refers to the festival site / the exhibition areas / the theme
  • When applying for a residency, we ask for the type of residency. This helps us in organizing the selection process.

the following also applies to submissions:

  • a documentation of the work(s) to be exhibited, including their thematic link to the festival
  • When applying with a submission, we ask about the type of artwork. This helps us in organizing the selection process.
    The following options are available: "Painting / Graphics / Photography", "Sculpture / Plastic / Installation", "Media Art / Film / Sound" and "Other".

All documents are to be provided in PDF format. The file size per PDF must not exceed the limit of 10MB.


The deadline for the application is April 23, 2023, 11:59 p.m.

We will announce the result of the expert jury at the end of May 2023.

The festival will take place from August 17th to August 27th, 2023.

The residence period begins on July 24th, 2023.



  • A login is required, this can be easily requested on the portal.
  • With a login it is possible to apply for a residency and with a submission.
  • The application form can be saved temporarily.
  • Once submitted, applications can no longer be processed.
  • If not all mandatory fields are filled out, the application cannot be submitted.


Is it also possible to apply for a residency as a group?

Yes, it is also possible to apply as a group. In this case, however, only the €2,500 for the entire group as an expense allowance and a total budget for materials of up to €700 are available for a four-week residency. Here, too, the expense allowance and the budget for material resources are reduced proportionately for shorter residence periods.

Is it also possible to apply with a submission AND as an artist-in-residence?

Yes, it is also possible to apply with a submission and as an artist-in-residence. Two separate applications are required for this. However, these can be submitted with one account in the application portal. Submissions and residencies will be evaluated separately by the jury.

Can I also apply with a performance?

Yes, this is possible. Please apply for this as a residence. It is intended that the performance will be presented on at least seven days of the ten-day festival. It is remunerated as a two-week residency and focuses an arrival before the start of the festival.

What kind of accommodation is provided?

We provide a private room in a holiday apartment where a maximum of two artists live. The apartments are equipped with kitchen and bathroom.

I have an important appointment during the residency period, is there a continuous attendance requirement?

There is no continuous attendance requirement during the residency. Of course, important or long-term appointments can be kept. With a short agreement beforehand, everything is possible.